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Need personalized virtualization and SAN consulting services for healthchecks, assessments, ROI analysis, design and planning, data migration, disaster recovery analysis, product installation and deployment help?

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Comprehensive services delivered by DataCore Authorized Partners

In addition to DataCore Support’s own 24x7 state of the art Technical Support centers, a range of integrated professional services are available by authorized and certified DataCore partners. Beginning with a Proof of Concept through ongoing assurance services, our partners offer services designed to enhance your DataCore environment every step of the way. ARCHITECT and INSTALL services ensure your system is up and running quickly and correctly. MIGRATE and ASSURE services provide technical expertise when you need it. TRAIN services delivers the technical knowledge needed to maximize the value of your storage platform and your virtual infrastructure.


CONSULT Services provides a variety of service options to meet your specific needs, allowing you to pick the right service at the right time for your business. Delivered by partners with DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer (DCIE) and DataCore Certified Solution Architect (DCSA). CONSULT services extend the ability of virtualization and SAN administrators to help you review the performance and utilization of your IT infrastructure. Services include planning and recommendations for infrastructure design, business continuity, disaster recovery, providing help with scripts for common tasks and datacenter relocation.


INSTALL Services provides expertise for your new virtualization and SAN deployment or upgrade with professional on-site design and implementation of your IT infrastructure.

INSTALL services includes an orientation on the DataCore software applications, from configuring basic servers and volumes to verifying remote support functionality,delivering everything needed to get your DataCore software infrastructure ready for production, or up to date with the latest versions.

PROTECT [CDP/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery/Disk Backups/DataCenter Relo/Multi-site Recovery]

PROTECT services provides expertise for your new virtualization and SAN deployment or upgrade with professional on-site design and implementation of your IT infrastructure.

Services include planning, implementation and recommendations for improving business continuity, disaster recovery and backup strategies and tasks. Multi-site and datacenter recovery and relocation.


MIGRATE Services enable the migration of your existing data to your new DataCore software infrastructure. Migrations are completed on-site and the number of days involved depends on the complexity of the environment. Migration Services includes an assessment of the existing storage infrastructure and migration execution. MIGRATE Services delivers everything needed to get your new DataCore software infrastructure ready for production.

For more information on migration services, please see: The SANsymphony™-V Storage Migration Suite significantly reduces the hours, effort and downtime required to migrate disk contents between storage systems.


ASSURE Services extends basic support by delivering Healthcheck & Assessment services delivered by a DCIE. These services help assure best practices are deployed to help your storage platform utilization and performance with proactive Healthchecks and Assessments as well as advanced configuration and usage recommendations. ASSURE services provide the experiences and best practices to improve operations efficiency and performance.


Attend instructor-led courses to learn how to perform key administrative and management tasks for your DataCore software infrastructure. These hands-on training classes are designed to help you understand how to manage, maintain and troubleshoot your Storage Infrastructure on an ongoing basis to maximize utilization and maintain continuous availability.

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