Server Virtualization

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Ensure your virtual machines have non-stop, high-performance access to data

As you virtualize physical servers into virtual machines you quickly come to realize the urgency to:

  • Prevent any planned or unplanned shared storage outages from disrupting applications
  • Avoid I/O bottlenecks getting to and from centralized disks

Depending on where you are in your rollout, you may also have a sense for how expensive this storage overhaul can get. These reasons drive server virtualization clients to virtualize their storage infrastructure with DataCore Software. They probably make sense for you as well.Virtual machine live migration, load balancing and failover between clustered servers are just some of the attractive hypervisor capabilities completely dependent on continuous, speedy access to shared storage. Disruptions and slowdowns don’t merely impact a single server with an isolated application; they will cripple many virtual machines running numerous workloads.

Aside from making good hardware choices, there’s much more that you can do. Start by recognizing that storage devices, like servers will occasionally be out-of-service; sometimes intentionally, other times without warning, often because of facility problems, like constructions, roof leaks, and power outages. DataCore virtualizes storage across physically separated devices housed in different rooms to:

* Prevent single points of failure
* Accelerate data storage, retrieval and updates across physical and virtual SANs
* Maximize the value of the storage assets in the physical storage pool

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