Desktop Virtualization

  • Lowers cost per virtual desktop making VDI an attractive alternative to physical desktops
  • Reduces storage-related spending on VDI by up to 75% 
  • Ensure high-availability through synchronous mirroring and “zero touch” failover between nodes
  • Improves user experience by up to 10X by leveraging High Speed Caching

Storage is normally the largest cost when implementing persistent virtual desktops due to the need for adequate I/O performance and high-availability. DataCore cost-effectively addresses performance and response times with adaptive caching and auto-tiering to optimally integrate higher speed SSD flash memories; maximizes capacity utilization via thin provisioning; accelerates desktop provisioning and deployment with automation and central management, and ensures business continuity. 

DataCore makes the economics of storage work for virtual desktops. The SANsymphony-V and DataCore Virtual SAN products are specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges of virtual desktop environment by:

  • Removing the need to purchase expensive storage for peak workloads during boot, login, and application storms 
  • Scaling and automating snapshots and clones to provision hundreds and thousands of desktops in minutes versus days with minimal consumption of storage capacity and impact on storage performance
  • Cost-effectively delivers high-availability and fast response; the critical ‘must-haves’ to desktop virtualization end-user satisfaction

To learn more, please see the DataCore ‘VDI Virtual Desktop Services’ page for features also please visit: SANsymphony-V and VDI for additional information.

DataCore VDI Services

DataCore offers a number of services to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy and serve virtual desktops. These DataCore VDI Services, included with SANsymphony-V and DataCore Virtual SAN software, make it practical to deploy persistent ‘stateful’ virtual desktops at a lower cost and higher performance than alternatives.

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