IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

Flexibility & Responsiveness

  • Resource abstraction and control 
  • Provisioning and configuration 
  • Portability and interoperability

DataCore delivers the comprehensive set of storage virtualization and centralized storage management features necessary to run contemporary data centers large or small. These capabilities become even more crucial when building robust, scalable cloud storage infrastructures. In private, hybrid and public cloud scenarios, SANsymphony-V forms the core IaaS functions necessary to abstract, configure, provision, protect and control storage resources with the least effort, the highest availability and best performance. The independent software layer readily adapts to the frequent forces of change; among them, expansion, obsolescence, hardware refresh, software upgrades, facility moves, and policy updates. Its rich suite of functions may be invoked through customizable PowerShell scripts to automate actions in response to self-service requests. Taken together with automatic self-tuning mechanisms embedded in the software, DataCore measurably reduces manual intervention and the possibilities for human errors.

  • Adaptive techniques for addressing growth
        - And subscriber variability
  • Dynamic allocation of tiered resources
        - Tuned to different classes of service
  • Coordinated actions across related objects
  • Resiliency in the face of:
        - Frequent changes
        - Equipment failures & obsolescence
        - Facility outages

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