Cloud Computing

Both public and private cloud providers count on DataCore storage virtualization software to address several aspects of their environment. These include:

  • Reduce short and long-term storage infrastructure costs
  • Expedite and simplify provisioning
  • Tier service levels to match workloads
  • Scale disk capacity and I/O performance
  • Maintain unquestioned dependability and data protection
  • Extend non-stop access to their clients
  • Roll out business continuity and disaster recovery services

These hallmark characteristics result from architecting storage-related functions to maximize the value from the underlying hardware, independent of manufacturers. You can readily adapt to changing workloads and equipment variability using our device-independent software to virtualize your disk subsystems.

While organizationally very different, outsourced hosting services, managed service providers, service bureaus and in-house IT departments rely on us to maintain predictable service levels, despite the unpredictable state of their hardware environment and the fluctuating demands that daily reshape their clouds. Customer Feedback

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Customer Feedback

"We chose VMware, DataCore and Cisco in the core design of our vPDC platform because each vendor delivers the very best virtualization component in their respective areas of competence. In three months‘ time, dozens of companies have signed on as new customers because of the competitive advantages we have achieved with this combination of technologies and architecture."

- Jeffrey Slapp
  VP of Virtualization Services

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