By Virtualization Initiatives

Find out how DataCore storage virtualization software helps you to attain your IT project goals in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Software Defined Data Center

Learn how DataCore software-defined storage is an essential element In a software-defined data center where “compute, networking, and storage resources” are pooled, aggregated and managed as services by intelligent, policy-driven software.

Server Virtualization

Overcome Storage-Related Challenges to Server Virtualization. Ensure your virtual machines have non-stop, high-performance access to their data.

Desktop Virtualization

Learn how DataCore complements Desktop Virtualization Platforms.

Storage Virtualization

DataCore storage virtualization software is critical to virtual infrastructures; it maintains smooth operations, consistent performance and a perpetual suite of advanced functions despite changes, disruptions and differences in the underlying equipment. In other words, the stable virtual infrastructure remains in place while hardware comes and goes.

Cloud Computing

Both public and private cloud providers count on DataCore storage virtualization software to address several aspects of their environment.

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