Midsize Data Center

Ideal to meet the needs of midsize IT organizations

DataCore helps you to effectively virtualize, manage and safeguard tens to hundreds of terabytes of online storage held on diverse disk subsystems supplying tens of servers and hundreds of users with high-speed access to their data. We offer cost-effective ways to distribute workloads between buildings to eliminate single points of failure and disruptions, as well as extend the protection to a remote branch or distant disaster recovery site.

Our solutions can be introduced on a modest scale of and later expanded to encompass more elements of your environment as urgency and funding dictate. See the case studies below to get a better sense for how midsize data centers take advantage of DataCore storage virtualization software as an integral part of their infrastructure.

"DataCore enabled us to enhance our existing EMC SAN solution and, at the same time, accelerate performance" -Todd Slan, director of technology, Total Wine

"We are a midsize company with enterprise needs... we need to be running non-stop 24 by 7. DataCore's software lets us easily leverage our investment in existing and new technologies to meet non-stop business needs while fitting our budget. It is a perfect match for us." - Stephen Pilch, COO, Stockbridge Capital Group


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