Large Data Center

Scalable and extensible to meet the needs of the largest IT organizations

DataCore helps you to effectively virtualize, manage and safeguard hundreds of terabytes, even petabytes of online storage held on diverse disk subsystems spread among multiple locations, supplying hundreds of servers and thousands of users with high-speed access to their data.  We offer cost-effective ways to distribute workloads between hot-hot sites, as well as extend the protection to remote branches and distant disaster recovery sites.

Our solutions can be introduced on a modest scale of and later expanded to encompass more elements of your environment as urgency and funding dictate. See the case studies below to get a better sense for how large data centers take advantage of DataCore storage virtualization software as an integral part of their infrastructure.

"With DataCore we achieved a level of 24/7 availability to a degree never experienced before, our third site allowed us to have a secure remote disaster recover site. Furthermore, we improved our performances by 30%."- Fabrice de Biasio, DSI of Europe Airpost

"We were looking for an open storage platform, which could lower the administrative workload and ensure the highest levels of availability and data protection," said Bernhard Welti, Director Corporate IT Infrastructure, MTU Friedrichshafen.

"SANsymphony allowed us to add a new EMC array and make it work effectively with our existing HP EVA storage arrays... supporting our mix of database, ERP & VMware server systems"- Chip Olsen, Senior Systems Engineer, Woodgrain Millwork

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