Government Entities Benefit from DataCore Storage Virtualization

Virtualization: Have You Overlooked Storage?

If you’re part of a government entity, you are no doubt under increased pressure to save money wherever possible. Server and desktop virtualization have many cost-saving benefits, as you well know, but they leave out one very important piece: your storage. DataCore completes the virtualization picture and enables you to save money by avoiding ‘rip-and-replace’ of existing storage assets and gaining the best utilization and performance of current equipment; while addressing that critical need for keeping your data highly available.

Moreover, DataCore provides qualified government entities with access to special promotional offers and extra discounts on virtualization software packages. Contact your trusted solution provider for details (Don't have a solution provider? Call us, we can help you find one)

The list of DataCore customers in government includes city and county governments, as well as metropolitan municipalities, and government agencies. In particular, local governments are turning to virtualization to enhance productivity and maximize cost savings. Most are realizing the benefits of a flexible, multi-vendor approach that combines virtualization from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware on the server-side with DataCore storage virtualization.

Town of South Windsor (Connecticut) and Dinwiddie County Government (Virginia) are great examples of customers realizing the combined benefits of server and storage virtualization and consolidation. They are part of a larger movement selecting DataCore and embracing an end-to-end approach in managing, virtualizing and optimizing their server and storage resources together.

DataCore Solutions help Government users:

  • Avoid risks – By preventing storage from becoming a major source of disruptions or a single point of failure.
  • Boost Productivity – By speeding up responses (accelerating disk read/write performance by a factor of 2 to 3 times) while eliminating storage-related downtime.
  • Contain Costs – By taking advantage of existing drives/arrays and lower cost devices in a SAN to significantly reduce capital expenditures. DataCore enables customers to optimize their utilization rates (typically from 40% to over 80%) and defer spending on capacity expansion because they offer SAN-wide thin provisioning, pooling and low-impact snapshots.
  • Protect Investments – By maintaining the same SAN-wide functions across multiple generations of hardware devices and manufacturers. This also enables the movement of DataCore’s solutions to faster, higher performance platforms when desired – in order to increase performance, scalability and overall value.

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Scores of city and county governments have selected DataCore, including:

  • Alabama Department of Public Health
  • Charter Township of Canton (OH)
  • City of Atascadero (CA)
  • City of Bastrop (LA)
  • City of Blue Ash (OH)
  • City of Carmel (IN)
  • City of Edmonds (WA)
  • City of Elk Grove Police Department (CA)
  • City of Hampton (VA)
  • City Of Inverness (FL)
  • City of Marysville (OH)
  • City of Middletown (CT)
  • City of Newport News (VA)
  • City of Newport News Waterworks (VA)
  • City of Norfolk (VA)
  • County of Sacramento District Attorney's Office (CA)
  • Dinwiddie County Government (VA)
  • Douglas County Circuit Courts (OR)
  • Housing Authority of New Orleans - HANO
  • Miami Township (OH)
  • Orange County Data Center (CA)
  • Richmond Metropolitan Authority (VA)
  • San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office (CA)
  • Seminole County Sheriff's Office (FL)
  • The City of Newport Beach Fire Department (CA)
  • Thurston Regional Planning Council (WA)
  • Town of Branford (CT), Town Of Clinton (CT)
  • Town of Enfield (CT), Town of Jackson (WY)
  • Town of South Windsor (CT), Town of Westford (MA)
  • Unified Judicial System of State of South Dakota
  • Washington State Patrol (WA)
  • Wayne County Government (IN)
  • and more...

DataCore's Federal Government customers include:

  • Congressional Budget Office
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • United States Marine Corps-USMC
  • US EPA
  • US Geological Survey
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • and more...

Internationally, the prevalence of DataCore Software is astounding, with government entities around the globe embracing DataCore for storage virtualization. Examples include:

  • Ahaus (Germany)
  • Ashfield District Council (UK)
  • Augsburg (Germany)
  • Baden Baden (Germany)
  • Barsinghausen (Germany)
  • Bournemouth Borough Council (UK)
  • Bruchsal (Germany)
  • DaeGu City (Korea)
  • Damyang Province (Korea)
  • Deggendorf (Germany)
  • Frankfurt Kassen und Steueramt (Germany)
  • Gangjin Province (Korea)
  • Georgsmarienhütte (Germany)
  • Greven (Germany)
  • Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Kingston City Council (Australia)
  • Kwangyang City (Korea)
  • Mannheim (Germany)
  • Nordhorn (Germany)
  • Paju City (Korea)
  • Poole Borough Council (UK)
  • Shepway District Council (UK)
  • Siegburg (Germany)
  • Suncheon City (Korea)
  • Taipei (Taiwan)
  • Townhall of Asnières (France)
  • Townhall of Chelles (France)
  • Viernheim (Germany)
  • Waverley Borough Council (UK)
  • West Dorset District Council (UK)
  • Witten (Germany)
  • Youngju City (Korea)
  • and more...

Case Studies

Town of South Windsor
"It was clear that if we wanted to go in the direction we were dead-set on going – and that is the way of virtualization – that DataCore was absolutely the right choice for us. We have faith in this network because of DataCore. That was not the case before we deployed the DataCore SAN."
- Scott Roberts, IT Director

Dinwiddie County Government

"We were convinced that we needed a robust SAN to support our objective of server consolidation with VMware as well as our desire to achieve high uptime. We are so impressed with our new virtualization environment and DataCore’s role in virtualizing the storage that we are actively encouraging other county governments in our state to do what we have done."
- Norman Cohen, IT Director

City of Atascadero
"DataCore SANmelody has been 100% reliable. The biggest benefit we have seen is the fact that we can add storage without bringing anything down."
- Ken Phillips, Systems Administrator

City of Inverness
"Budgetwise and performance-wise, SANmelody won out. The performance numbers on SANmelody are right there with any of the top vendors and we are able to use servers that would either be doing nothing or would be offered up for auction. The main business drivers for going with SANmelody were the price point, the scalability, as well as the breadth of storage services that can be taken advantage of with the product."
- Joey Johnston, IT director

The Chief Finance Office in Koblenz, Germany
"With SANsymphony we also consistently profit from the advantages of storage virtualization, such as hardware independence and flexibility that delivers - enabling us to expand the SAN infrastructure exactly according to our needs and possibilities."
- Dieter Deffner, Windows Server Team Leader

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