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Virtually everything hinges on storage. VMware® vSphere™ and VMware® View™, in particular, place extraordinary demands on it. Too often, disks slow down, interrupt or endanger these centralized IT operations not because they are poorly designed or built, but because they are physically constrained. VMware Virtual Infrastructure helps you to overcome similar limitations in CPU and memory however when it comes to advanced functions such as workload migration, load balancing, fail-over and disaster recovery, server virtualization is completely dependent on highly available (HA) shared storage. You will be shocked at the high hardware costs and major overhaul generally proposed to put such a storage infrastructure in place.

DataCore's SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software delivers a radically simple, high availability solution to meet vSphere shared storage requirements. The software abstracts your storage into idealized, virtual disks akin to virtual machines. It pools and mirrors disk blocks across available devices, despite differences in make and model. In the process, it speeds up I/O response and throughput using extensive SAN-wide caching. This lets you take optimum advantage of VMware’s full suite of capabilities without hesitation. A plug-in for VMware vCenter™ allows you to non-disruptively provision, share, clone, replicate and expand virtual disks among physical servers and virtual machines. DataCore yields the highest availability, fastest performance and fullest utilization from your storage assets, making it an essential element of your VMware Virtual Infrastructure deployment.

DataCore SANsymphony-V offers a full integration suite which includes:

  • SANsymphony-V plug-in for VMware vCenter
  • VMware vCenter plug-in for SANsymphony-V
  • VMware SRM Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) 
  • VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) support for:
    • Full copy
    • Block zeroing
    • Hardware-assisted locking functions
    • Space reclamation services

DataCore continues to track key VMware innovations and has committed to working with VMware on future technologies such as vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA), VVols, and others as they become available.

Use Case Scenarios

Take a look at a couple of common VMware scenarios that benefit from DataCore storage virtualization software


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