Microsoft Integration Highlights

DataCore works closely with Microsoft to integrate products and services as well as support and training programs. As a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner specializing over the past 18 years in data infrastructure software, DataCore is one of the few suppliers of enterprise-class, high performance storage solutions running natively on the Windows Server operating system.

The most visible areas of product integration revolve around Windows Server with Hyper-V,
System Center, SQL Server, Exchange, and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.  The level of integration is described in more detail below.


Partner Level: Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Operating System Integration:

The following DataCore products run natively on the Window Server 2012 R2 operating system. 

  • SANsymphony™ Software-defined Storage platform
  • DataCore™ Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software
  • DataCore™ Parallel Server software

All are scheduled to be qualified to run on Windows Server 2016 in the 2nd half of Calendar Year 2016.


Hyper-V Hypervisor Integration:

In Hyper-V environments, the DataCore software services powered by DataCore™ Parallel I/O technology run in the root partition of Windows Server. They do not consume virtual machines.


Host Integration:

SANsymphony and DataCore Hyper-Converged Virtual SAN software provide advanced storage and data infrastructure services to hosts running Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008, 2003 and 2000 hosts through physical and virtual iSCSI and Fibre Channel connections.

The DataCore Windows Host Integration Kit provides:

  • DataCore Multi-Path I/O Driver (MPIO) for high-availability
  • DataCore Volume Shadow Service (VSS) Provider for snapshot integration with apps such as Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server


Technology Integration:

DataCore products operate in concert with and add value to the following
Microsoft products and technologies:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Clustering
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
  • System Center Operations Manager via DataCore Management Pack for monitoring
  • Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) for backup and recovery
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express and SQL Server for recording historical performance behavior
  • Windows File Server Role (for Highly Available NAS/SAN) solution
  • Microsoft Scale-out File Server (SoFs) for highly available solution
  • Microsoft Exchange for call home notifications
  • Windows Deduplication and Compression
  • Windows Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX)
  • Windows Perfmon counters for DataCore software instrumentation
  • .NET Framework
  • Windows Management Integration  (WMI)
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

PowerShell Scripting:

Any of the operations available from the DataCore™ Console user interface may also be scripted for unattended operations using the DataCore™ PowerShell Cmdlet Library.  

World Record Performance:

DataCore holds the world records using bare-metal Windows Server for the following criteria based on 3rd party certified and peer-reviewed Storage Performance Council SPC-1™ benchmarks.

  • Price / Performance: $0.08 per SPC-1 IOPS™
  • Response Time: 0.100 milliseconds sustained at 100% load (fastest ever measured)
  • Highest performance density: 459,290.87 SPC-1 IOPS in a 2U form factor



Large scale rollout and updates of DataCore products are easily coordinated in Microsoft environments using:

  • System Center Orchestrator
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

Furthermore, the DataCore™ Smart Deployment Wizard (SDW) automatically sets up the following configurations based on a few simple inputs from the system administrator:

  • Multi-node hyper-converged clusters using Hyper-V
  • 2-node Hyper-V Failover Cluster for CIFS/SMB shares and builds the active-active storage using internal drives (SSD / HDDs)
  • 2-node Stateful VDI (Virtual Desktop) on Hyper-V building on Microsoft Differencing Disks

The combination of these tools offer an ideal Branch Office Solution in use at Fortune 500 retailers.


Microsoft Azure Integration:

DataCore integrates with Microsoft Azure Cloud in several ways, including:

  • Auto-tiering of Microsoft StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage in DataCore virtual storage pools
  • Replicating remotely from SANsymphony on-premises nodes to SANsymphony virtual instances running in Azure using the DataCore™ Cloud Deployment Wizard

Technical Support Integration:

  • DataCore coordinates problem isolation and resolution with Microsoft through TSAnet


Joint Customers and Partners:

Microsoft and DataCore share well over 10,000 joint customers around the globe across the broad range of vertical industries. Examples include prestigious healthcare organizations, top financial institutions and hardened manufacturing environments, as well as government and educational institutions.  These customers are served by specialists in DataCore and Microsoft technologies at system integrators and value added partners.

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