Alliance Details

DataCore & Citrix together deliver a fully virtualized datacenter, including virtualization of all of your storage assets.

Fully realize the promise of a virtualized data center

  • DataCore can extend Citrix’s virtualization benefits – including reduced cost/greater efficiency/enhanced performance -- to storage
  • Eliminate storage as a cost or performance roadblock to a Citrix-based virtualization solution

DataCore adds key risk management features to Citrix deployments

  • More functionality, better performance from storage
  • Add high availability, disaster recovery to your Citrix environment
  • Better performance for Citrix-powered applications, desktops, servers

DataCore can accelerate time-to-value for your Citrix investment

  • Implement a high-function SAN without significant incremental investment; no need for hardware ‘rip and replace’
  • Leverage existing hardware
  • Avoid hardware ‘lock-in’

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