Investment Protection

Breathe new life into your valuable assets and avoid premature obsolescence

Don’t you hate it when people propose to rip out perfectly good equipment only to replace it with new, more expensive gear? You’ll be happy to hear that DataCore takes advantage of your existing assets, even extending the life of those investments. We make it possible to reconcile differences between old and new, yet allow you to decide when is the best time to retire a storage asset, not have someone else push that decision on you.

The device-independent storage virtualization software shelters you from many of the unforeseen forces that cause storage devices to become prematurely obsolete, such as incompatibility with newer host bus interfaces, new firmware releases and different packaging standards. It also allows you to leverage existing resources in less demanding roles as you gradually modernize elements of your storage infrastructure.

For example, DataCore lets you use existing direct-attached storage (DAS) to build out a shared storage pool, even if the devices aren't natively capable of connecting to the SAN. You can then grow the pool seamlessly to accommodate growth. Likewise, you can tap servers left over from a consolidation project by re-purposing them into dedicated storage virtualization nodes.

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