Performance Matters

Get the industry's best performance, price-performance, and fastest response time for hyper-converged systems and traditional SANs alike.

How much time and money you spend processing and storing data largely depends on the performance of your IT systems. Server hardware specifications hint at the potential, but system software truly governs the live experience. Generally, the software does a good job of distributing computational work, yet severely limits input and output (I/O) operations - reading and writing serially to disk. Consequently, far less work completes than the hardware is capable of. Over the years, companies have unknowingly come to accept this poor use of resources, buying many more servers, bigger machines and much more costly storage than required.

Get more work and faster response from fewer, lower cost systems

DataCore™ software puts the full power of commodity servers and storage hardware to work for you.

The payoff comes in two forms:

a) For virtualized workloads with a typical mix of I/O patterns, 2 multi-core servers can do the work of 10 equally equipped machines.

b ) For enterprise-class, latency-sensitive applications such as OLTP databases, a server costing 1/5th the price outperforms the more expensive system from the same supplier.

Either way, you benefit from outstanding savings in capital equipment, smaller real estate and substantially lower power and cooling. Not to mention ecstatic users and a smaller, simpler environment to care for.


Concrete proof of DataCore's extraordinary claims comes in various forms:

Free infographic: DataCore shatters world record for hyper-converged performance

Current users: DataCore customers surveyed by TechValidate routinely report 3 to 5 times faster performance after adding DataCore software to their environment. Many experience up to 10x faster results.

Peer-reviewed, Price-Performance Comparisons: The gold standard for measuring I/O-related price performance is the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 benchmark. Nearly every popular server and storage vendor has published their SPC-1 numbers under heavy OLTP and messaging workloads representative of enterprise-class applications.


Read more about our industry-best SPC performance.


First, DataCore software takes advantage of all available CPUs to process I/Os in parallel. More work gets done in shorter time than is possible when the base system software serially schedules I/Os. You can see the remarkable difference DataCore™ Parallel I/O makes in this short video.

Next, DataCore caches I/O in server memory, so reads and writes complete 10 or more times faster than possible with flash caches.

And DataCore senses the frequency and priority of requests to automatically apply the fastest tier of storage where it’s needed (see auto-tiering). At the same time, the clever software prevents low priority requests from consuming vital resources through special quality of service (QoS) controls.

These technologies have been perfected over 10 generations of research, development and proven across tens of thousands of customer installations around the globe.

ESG Lab 360 Video:
DataCore’s Parallel Processing – Apps & I/O on Steroids



Before you spend any more on hyper-converged servers or premium priced storage, check with a DataCore representative to see how much money they can save you.

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