Business Productivity

Empower your storage investments

1. To realize the highest performance and business continuity for business-critical applications: Oracle, VDI, SAP, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint…

2. To enable Non-Stop Business Operations by preventing downtime and costly disruptions.

3. To achieve maximum economic benefits from existing investments and by Reducing Overall Costs and Multiplying Productivity

The Bottom-line is that DataCore gives users the freedom to adapt the most compelling storage innovations while fully utilizing the capacity and technologies they already own.

Experience Major Financial and Operational Benefits from Day 1

Any one of these impressive results justify virtualizing your storage infrastructure with DataCore software. It all depends on what’s most pressing on your mind

Quickest ROI

If you’re more motivated by short term Return on Investment (ROI), then the benefits associated with high-availability and performance acceleration will particularly interest you.

Lowest TCO

If you are most concerned with reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the next few years, then cost savings, utilization improvements and risk avoidance will be top on your list.

Also, don’t overlook the intangibles. Flexibility and simplified management made possible by consolidating and centralizing management across unlike devices and different locations contribute significantly to rapid ROI and lower TCO whether your organization is large or small.

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DataCore Software Savings & Productivity Highlights

  • Software lives beyond devices that 'come and go', extending the useful life of your storage investments
  • Lowers your capital expenses by avoiding the need to ‘Rip & Replace’ existing storage 
  • Increases On-going Savings: Cut operational expenses by 60% 
  • Maximize storage investment productivity, doubles your effective storage utilization rates to 90% 
  • Accelerates performance up to 400% to speed up of your workloads and achieve faster response times
  • Simplify admin and reduce provisioning times from days to minutes; spend 90% less time managing storage
  • Boosts 'Purchasing Power' by freeing you from disk vendor lock-in: 'only buy when & what you need'
  • Enables Non-stop Business Operations! Prevents storage related downtime & costly business disruptions

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