Tiered storage for performance and cost savings, powered by DataCore Auto Tiering

Organize storage into different groups to best meet different availability, performance and cost requirements

Tiered storage reduces costs and optimizes performance. You can reserve your most pricey disks for the most critical and demanding applications, while you assign lower cost drives to lower priority workloads. Often, customers choose Solid State Drives (SSD) for an exclusive set of workloads, whereas they set aside relatively inexpensive, large capacity SATA drives for online backups. The same application may take advantage of different tiers. For example, a database applications may employ disks from the high performance, high availability tier for critical log files, but use low-end, high-density drives for its scratch files.

With DataCore software, you have complete freedom to create multiple tiers and populate each with different models and brands of storage. You may shop around for the best value in each tier, since multiple manufacturers can coexist in the same virtual storage pool. You’ll find the price differential between tiers will be much more advantageous than if you had to sole source the different tiers from the same hardware supplier.

A storage tier’s characteristics are not strictly defined by the selection of disk drives. The storage virtualization software shapes macro attributes for a tier, specifically its performance and availability. This is done through explicit caching and inter-node synchronous mirroring. Access controls are also defined separately for different tiers to ensure the highest security.

Customer Feedback

"The SAN enables flexibility in administration, ease of expansion and the dynamic allocation of storage where and when we need it. DataCore caching accelerates overall performance and delivers a much higher data throughput. The software ensures ease of transfer and the ability to use SAN-wide features on different hardware arrays & devices."

- Oliver Bauer
  IT & Administration

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