Scale up and Scale out

  • Keep pace with disk requirements as capacity and workloads grow
  • Scale up: Move software non-disruptively to more powerful server platforms to achieve higher IOPS and throughput
  • Scale out: Expand non-disruptively one node at a time to further extend IOPS and throughput range as well as host and storage connectivity
  • Use additional nodes to achieve N+1 redundancy, thereby mitigating the loss of any one node
  • Configure up to 64 nodes in a centrally-managed, high-availability group

The intrinsic scalability designed into the SANsymphony™ software gives you the confidence that the DataCore™ architecture can grow gracefully to meet your future needs. This is accomplished by scaling both up and out.
“Scale up” is accomplished simply by upgrading the underlying server platforms acting as storage virtualization nodes to more powerful systems. The nodal improvements yield higher IOPS and more throughput. It’s very similar to the performance boost you get when moving your web or mail services to a faster machine.

You may also scale out your SANsymphony infrastructure beyond two nodes to keep pace with the natural capacity expansion and rising workloads encountered in larger data centers. This may be done one node at a time. Each additional SANsymphony node brings more ports, cache and processing power to address the larger demand. More nodes provide the necessary bandwidth and connectivity to service more hosts and attach more disks to the environment.

Additional nodes also increase the overall redundancy offered by the infrastructure. For example, you may configure 3 nodes which share a common fourth node for failover (more on this in the High Availability section).

N+1 Redundant Grid

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