Hardware Refresh

Non-disruptively replace storage equipment with newer technology

Like you, most people look forward to replacing aging disk drives with shiny new storage arrays, that is, until they have to coordinate the downtime to migrate the data and redirect drive assignments. When you set up a DataCore virtual storage pool, you can refresh storage hardware in the background without taking down applications. You simply instruct our storage virtualization software to copy the contents of a disk to its replacement. We make the switch to the new device without disturbing the hosts, and then reclaim the space on the original drives. You can then decommission the older storage or reassign to a lower tier of importance for backups or testing as suits your needs.

This works across completely different hardware, and disk interfaces. So you can replace a string of direct-attached SATA drives with a brand new SAS array or a Fibre Channel storage system with equal ease.

The transparent migration can take place completely outboard of the hosts so as not to rob I/O and processing resources from the applications.

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