Disaster Recovery

Mitigate impact of facility outages using distant Disaster Recovery sites

As you research what we can do to help you recover from disasters, please take a look at our Business Continuity section. You’ll discover that DataCore storage virtualization software prevents many of the storage-related disruptions that might have otherwise caused you to suffer major outages.

Of course, we can also help you to minimize the impact from major forces that affect entire metropolitan areas, be they earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms or other wide reaching threats to your data center. We do this by asynchronously replicating storage to one or more far away locations, especially those volumes you deem most critical to your IT facility. Unlike other remote replication alternatives, we don’t take up host cycles to do this, nor do we force you to purchase identical, top-of-the line storage equipment at either end. Many of our clients will use high-end arrays at the main site and pair it with mid-range storage at the secondary location to keep costs down.

Our disaster recovery solutions encompass a wide variety of configurations including one-to-many, many-to-one, and reciprocal, one-to-one topologies, where each end acts as the contingency site for the other. They also take advantage of low-impact, thin provisioned point-in-time snapshots across dissimilar devices to further reduce initial and ongoing costs. In some cases, we replicate to internal drives on a remote server that hosts the virtual machines for applications and the DataCore storage virtualization software, for a compact backup system.

Offsite Replication

Keep a separate copy of stored information regularly updated at another location

There may be several reasons to replicate disks offsite. You can see from the list below that we can recommend different alternatives depending on your objectives.

DataCore offers auto-tiering and a Cloud Gateway to optimize the use of a backup copy or to archive copies on your choice of Cloud storage providers; empowering customers to take full advantage of low cost, virtually unlimited ‘pay as you go’ storage in the cloud.

DataCore offers several methods to replicate storage offsite, but the two most common and popular ones are:

The software replication is both host and storage device independent. Meaning, we don’t tie up the hosts to replicate the information and we can replicate between unlike storage equipment. To learn more about how to use SANsymphony for data replication watch this video.

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