By Business Objective

DataCore storage virtualization software provides the resilient, responsive and flexible infrastructure required to fulfill several major IT objectives.

Business Productivity

Maximize economic benefits from existing investments, Reducing Overall Costs and Multiply Productivity

Continuous Availability

Keep users and applications running undisturbed despite the general storage upheaval occurring behind-the-scenes.

Cost Savings

Reduce and contain costs of Storage Infrastructures by 60%!

Disaster Recovery

Mitigate impact of facility outages using distant Disaster Recovery sites

Faster Performance

Overcome I/O bottlenecks that slow down applications and result in a poor user experience 

Hardware Refresh

Non-disruptively replace storage equipment with newer technology

Investment Protection

Extend the life of your existing storage to get a better return on your storage investments


Keep pace with disk requirements as capacity and workloads grow

Tiered Storage

Organize storage into different groups to best meet different availability, performance & cost requirements

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