DataCore makes the economics of storage work for VDI. The SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor is specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of VDI environments. 

SANsymphony-V for VDI

DataCore makes the economics of storage work for VDI. The SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor is specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of VDI environments:

  • Avoids the need to ‘rip and replace’ storage systems in order to meet performance objectives and maintain uptime for business continuity.
  • Breaks the need to overbuild your VDI storage to accommodates peak workloads for boot, login, and application storms. 
  • Scales and automates snapshot/clone technology to provision hundreds and thousands of desktops in seconds and minutes versus hours and days with minimal consumption of storage capacity.
  • Delivers always-on access and fast response time performance; the critical ‘must-haves’ to overall VDI end-user satisfaction. 
DataCore SANsymphony-V contributes to solving VDI challenges in multiple ways, from significantly increasing disk access speed that resolves boot storm bottlenecks, to reducing the cost of adding fast storage and simplifying the overall storage architecture by enabling a single pane of glass of all storage in the datacenter.

By including DataCore SANsymphony-V as the storage hypervisor for VDI projects, a number of benefits are achieved:

Benefits of Deploying DataCore SANsymphony-V and VDI

DataCore’s intelligent storage hypervisor software brings a number of benefits to VDI deployments that meet mission-critical requirements, while simplifying deployment and management of the backend storage resources.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased performance – whether direct attached or offloaded in a SAN, the hypervisor utilizes advanced caching to provide the fastest possible response times, even when the backend storage may not be optimal.
  • Project-saving-solution – Many VDI projects stall halfway through the project, when it becomes clear that the storage infrastructure is unable to handle the throughput and performance required. In addition, the expectations on the number of VDI sessions that can be run from one server are often overestimated, resulting in failed expectations. The solution often includes purchasing very fast storage, which unfortunately is very expensive and is likely to break the project’s budget. SANsymphony-V works to resolve these resource bottlenecks and allows a moderate amount of fast storage to serve a very large installation, making the project financially viable and completed on time.
  • Lower storage costs – storage auto-tiering enables the combination of high performance flash and SSD to work seamlessly with large capacity, low cost storage, achieving the same or better performance. 
  • Simplified storage architecture — the design of the storage architecture I/O and capacity requirements is reduced; since the storage hypervisor monitors I/O requirements in real time and takes appropriate action, the architecture is less prone to bottlenecks and is not as sensitive to miscalculations or changing requirements under production load.
  • Storage resiliency — no matter where the user’s data is stored in the VDI environment, DataCore SANsymphony-V can seamlessly work in the background to include any location into the high-availability of the storage backend.
  • Shared resource architecture — virtualized storage allows for standardized approaches that ease the burden of planning and managing all the datacenter storage, covering not only desktop applications but also SharePoint, Exchange Server, SQL Server and business applications like the Dynamics and SAP families for business solutions. 

DataCore and VDI Case Studies

Scottsdale Community College

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