SANsymphony for SAP Business Applications

Global enterprises demand high performance and always-on application availability to remain competitive. DataCore offers a business continuity and high availability strategy for mission-critical applications such as SAP ERP. 

Managing storage for SAP results in high storage costs over time and requires frequent manual intervention by database administrators in order to sustain dynamic performance requirements, especially as data grows. Maximizing storage utilization and ensuring quality of service is critical as your SAP landscapes scale, adding more data as more servers and storage are needed. As a result, balancing quality of service and cost can be difficult. With DataCore’s solutions for SAP you can improve performance while reducing costs, accelerate recovery, automate storage tiering, and ensure your SAP landscape is fully optimized so you can meet or exceed service level agreements (SLAs).

DataCore SANsymphony works with the SAP Business Management family of solutions and supporting databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL to address many of the underlying infrastructure challenges, including performance, high availability, ease of maintenance and disaster recovery.

By deploying DataCore SANsymphony as the storage backend to SAP a number of advantages are achieved:

  • Powerful centralized storage management under a single pane of control with an intuitive graphical user interface and automated wizards that implement best practices

Benefits of DataCore and SAP Business Applications

IT organizations are struggling to successfully address the challenges associated with increasing workloads, data, cost, and managing complexity while being hindered by inflexible infrastructures and siloed environments. Many organizations are turning to storage virtualization for more efficient, agile, and flexible IT operations to accelerate the time between technology purchase decisions and the ability to effectively exploit new capabilities.

DataCore’s adaptive storage hypervisor provides a range of advantages to the SAP installation that help improve response time, lower cost and simplify the storage architecture.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced lag and faster response – whether direct attached storage, or SAN storage is deployed, the hypervisor utilizes advanced caching to provide highest possible storage throughput.

  • Lower storage costs – storage auto-tiering enables the combination of high performance flash and SSD to work seamlessly with large capacity, low cost storage, achieving the same or better performance. 

  • Simplified storage architecture — the design of the storage architecture I/O and capacity requirements is reduced; since the storage hypervisor monitors I/O requirements in real time and takes appropriate action, the architecture is less prone to bottlenecks and is not as sensitive to miscalculations or changing requirements under production load.

  • Increased backend resiliency — whether the SAP installation uses standard SQL databases or SAP specific storage solutions, DataCore SANsymphony works seamlessly in the background to provide high-availability of the storage backend.

  • Migration and legacy support – SANsymphony is equipped with the capability of adding existing storage into a new efficient storage pool, facilitating migrations and consolidation projects where data volumes and availability requirements otherwise become hurdles.

  • Automate common, time-consuming storage tasks such as volume provisioning and recovery with PowerShell scripting

SAP ERP systems and supported storage IO intensive databases (eg, Microsoft SQL, Oracle) require especially performance sensitive and therefore DataCore’s adaptive caching and ability to empower new technologies like SSDs are a major advantage. DataCore as shown below can significantly impact performance.

Compelling Database Performance for SAP

Microsoft SQL and Exchange workloads show nearly a 5x improvement. The physical server with internal disks was able to support 322 heavy users, while the DataCore virtualized system showed the ability to support more than 1,500 users.

DataCore and SAP Applications Case Studies

Bitburger Brewery

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"Our new storage solution has no single point of failure. According to our measurements, it serves our SAP ERP enterprise users at a speed five percent better than the legacy systems. We also now enjoy much more flexible administration of our storage capacity and we are realizing significantly better utilization of our storage assets through added automation"- Uwe Siller, the manager of the IT Department at the Bitburger Brewery Group.

MTU Friedrichshafen

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"We were looking for an open storage platform to support our data bases, SAP R3 and advanced computer aided manufacturing and design applications, which could lower the administrative workload and ensure the highest levels of performance, availability and data protection," said Bernhard Welti, Director Corporate IT Infrastructure, The MTU Friedrichshafen

SANsymphony and SAP Business Applications Resources

SAP and VMware Virtualization best practice documents for storage, networking, and performance.

Support for SAP Components in Virtual and Cloud Environments 

Best practices for SAP on Microsoft Hyper-V

ESG Lab Validation Report: SANsymphony
This ESG Lab Validation documents the results of hands on testing of DataCore SANsymphony Storage Virtualization Software. The goal was assessing the value of infrastructure-wide storage virtualization including centralized management, ease of use, capacity efficiency, data mobility, and performance.

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