SANsymphony for Oracle

For maximum application performance, Oracle databases need mission-critical storage that drives efficiency, fast response and resiliency—and scales to meet changing business needs.

Oracle databases are one of the most demanding applications in terms of their need for performance and high-availability due to the enormous volumes of data and transactions they typically store and use. 

DataCore’s SANsymphony storage hypervisor includes critical features which make it an ideal storage platform to leverage the benefits of Oracle databases, including:

DataCore’s SANsymphony abstracts and presents disk storage from different devices to applications as a shared pool of resources. With an ability to process multiple database requests in tandem, the system can absorb random I/O spikes. Built-in adaptive caching fully leverages available memory to boost I/O performance of both read and write traffic. Database administrators (DBAs) have the option of using flash memory/SSDs, high-speed arrays, capacity disks or even cloud storage, all of which can be managed and auto-tiered efficiently by the storage hypervisor. Automated tiering also ensures highly active data files don’t compete with inactive blocks of data for I/O cycles. Additionally, transaction logs and other active data can remain on Tier 1, while backups and other inactive read-only data move to lower tiers.

The DataCore storage hypervisor auto-tiers and boosts the performance of diverse storage resources (including high-speed SSDs, enterprise storage arrays, capacity storage or internal server storage). The DataCore adaptive cache, load balancing and auto-tiering features eliminate hot spots and supports Oracle best practices. Thin provisioning enables DBAs to provision any size volumes yet only use capacity on write and add space on the fly. Automatic tiering moves inactive index data, table data and archive logs to lower-cost drives, freeing up space for redo logs and active datafiles on high-performance drives. DBAs don’t need to regularly back up or delete log archives, and they can keep key structured data online longer.

Benefits of DataCore and Oracle

DataCore’s intelligent storage hypervisor software enables enterprises to radically improve the efficiency, performance and availability of their storage infrastructure through virtualization, transforming disparate storage resources into a unified and efficient infrastructure that is flexible, fast, reliable and scalable.

Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Optimize performance and create a high-performance pool of virtualized storage for SQL databases, eliminating most storage-related I/O bottlenecks for business-critical applications.
  • Provision virtually any size volumes for SQL applications upfront, and increase utilization and I/O capacity on the fly.
  • Balance cost and performance by storing transaction logs and active data files on higher performance storage devices, while moving backups and inactive data files to lower cost higher capacity drives or cloud storage.
  • Continuously protect databases against downtime and disaster with stretch high-availability design to maximize business continuity.
  • Scale storage for throughput, transactions and capacity that meet the needs of applications.
  • Automate and simplify storage management that has been integrated and tested “DataCore Ready” with SQL Server.

DataCore and Oracle Case Studies

North American Stainless

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The virtual infrastructure powered by DataCore and VMware supports the company's Oracle ERP system servers (including payroll), several SQL servers, fax servers, print servers as well as user data. 

"Knowing that we were facing a situation in need of adding even more servers - we chose to embrace virtualization so that we could actually reduce the number of physical servers. But we did not want to stop at servers. In order to achieve a completely virtual infrastructure and get better performance for our database environment, we selected DataCore along with VMware to serve as a total virtual infrastructure spanning both servers and storage," stated Judy Pieper-Young, Manager - Information Systems, North American Stainless

Sigel GmbH

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Sigel reported a measurable and noticeable acceleration of the overall performance of their virtual machine environment in combination with the DataCore caching software. Compared to the old infrastructure, the frequent "night upgrades and installations" – where they had to perform jobs like software updates – now only takes a quarter of the time it took previously. In addition to caching, DataCore’s auto-tiering function moves higher performance workloads and data - for example the Oracle databases that require faster response times and more demanding I/O – to the faster SSD drives; while less-used and active data remains on the lower cost SAS disks.

SANsymphony-V and Oracle Resources

TMS Teams Up with DataCore Software to Provide Advanced Enterprise Features to Supercharge Database and Virtual Environments

Best Practices Guide for Oracle Databases on VMware 

ESG Lab Validation Report: SANsymphony-V
This ESG Lab Validation documents the results of hands on testing of DataCore SANsymphony-V R8 Storage Virtualization Software. The goal was assessing the value of infrastructure-wide storage virtualization including centralized management, ease of use, capacity efficiency, data mobility, and performance.

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