By Enterprise Applications

Empower your Storage for Faster Tier 1 Enterprise Applications & Continuous Availability

What’s holding you back from virtualizing business-critical applications like Oracle, VDI, SAP, Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint?

Our guess is you’re concerned about decreased performance and increased downtime.

But have you asked yourself why these apps tend to run slowly and erratically once virtualized? Here’s a hint: It’s not virtualization. No – these performance and availability issues stem from competition for shared storage resources. The resulting inconsistencies in service levels cause users to become frustrated, productivity and organizational efficiency to plunge – and your business to take hits that it can’t afford.

DataCore SANsymphony allows you to take advantage of the benefits that come with virtualizing tier 1 applications – without taking on the risks. With SANsymphony, you get: faster virtualized tier-1 apps, continuous availability (and peace of mind), less time and money spent on upgrades, and a more responsive, agile IT environment. Listen to this on-demand webcast or follow the links below to learn more.

Microsoft SQL Server

DataCore optimizes storage efficiency, performance and availability for Microsoft SQL Server Environments.

SAP Business Applications

DataCore ensures performance & scalability at a lower ownership cost, higher service quality, & protection of your critical SAP ERP & App systems.


DataCore maximizes the performance and return on your investment in Oracle databases, applications, & data warehouses for your information infrastructure.

Microsoft Sharepoint

DataCore empowers Microsoft SharePoint environments to provide the highest levels of data availability, performance, & responsiveness of service.

Microsoft Exchange

DataCore optimizes storage efficiency, performance and availability for scalable Microsoft Exchange Environments.


DataCore makes it practical to deploy persistent, stateful virtual desktops at a lower cost and higher performance than alternatives.