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Industry experts share their views about DataCore storage virtualization products 

ESG’s Senior Lab Analyst, Tony Palmer, shares his hands-on experiences with DataCore™ Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software and SANsymphony™ Software-defined Storage platform.  See how the products fared under a comprehensive battery of tests, exercising many of their enterprise-class features. Learn why these capabilities matter, especially to IT organizations tasked with non-stop operations, latency-sensitive workloads and cost-reduction mandates.

Get a glimpse for self-provisioning storage with the desired SLAs during virtual machine creation thanks to DataCore’s deep integration with VMware VVols. Observe the performance acceleration and savings that cross-array auto-tiering brings. And witness active-active, high-availability in action for failover clusters. 

Tony also puts into perspective the significance of DataCore Parallel I/O technology – key to the company’s record-shattering results for I/O response and price-performance under heavy transactional database processing.

Download: Lab Validation Report.



ESG Lab evaluated DataCore SANsymphony and DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software with a focus on assessing the value of infrastructure-wide storage virtualization and hyper-converged solutions for the data center. Testing focused on centralized management, ease of use, capacity efficiency, data mobility, and performance. SANsymphony’s enhanced high availability and disaster recovery capabilities are also examined.

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DataCore Software's SANsymphony™-V storage virtualization and data services platform has been named by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) as the “Best Enterprise Solution for Software-Defined Storage” in the EMA Radar™ Report for Enterprise Software-Defined Storage.

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DataCore Software's SANsymphony™-V has been named by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) as a category value leader in the EMA Radar™ Report for Enterprise Software-Defined Storage. The report states: “DataCore is one of the most cost effective software-defined storage solutions in this report. Customers can acquire a DataCore license for a fraction of the price of competing solutions.”

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Data from Nearly 2,000 DataCore Customers Uncovers Impact of Software-Defined Flexibility on Acquisitions, Refreshes and Migrations; Productivity Gains from Increasing Performance Up to 10x and Reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

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VR Editors ChoiceThe products listed in the Virtualization Review 2015 Editor's Choice Awards represent the go-to choices and products on which the editors at Virtualization Review rely. Jon Toigo and Dan Kusnetzky have selected DataCore SANsymphony and Hyperconverged Virtual SAN as their choices.  

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DataCore was named Gold in the Storage System Software category in the Storage Magazine 2015 Product of the Year Awards. Storage Magazine Products of the Year is TechTarget's annual awards to showcase the year's latest and greatest products.

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DataCore’s storage virtualization software, SANsymphony-V, maximizes the availability, performance and utilization of disks in data centers large and small. Use it to manage on-premises storage or build a cloud storage infrastructure.

DataCore’s comprehensive storage services stack has long been known for harnessing ultra-fast processors and RAM caches in x86 servers, for superior performance and enterprise-class availability. It now comes in a compact, hyper-converged package that is ideal for transactional databases and mixed workloads. DataCore Virtual SAN software is available for a free 30-day trial. It runs on any hypervisor and your choice of standard servers.

DataCore has been a provider of SAN virtualization (block-based) software since 1999 and was one of the pioneers.  The SAN virtualization software runs either as a Virtual SAN or on standard Intel-based servers and virtualizes the attached storage and provides advanced data services features. 

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DataCore extends into 'server-SAN' space with SANsymphony V10

Storage software specialist DataCore has released the tenth version of its core SANsymphony platform, which includes new levels of performance and capacity scale, as well as a new pricing bundle for 'server-SAN' deployments.

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New flash-optimized DataCore SANsymphony-V targets VMware VSAN

DataCore is ready to take on virtual SAN newcomer VMware.

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SANsymphony-V 10 lifts the product to a new level. Some of the changes may appear to be minor but their impact is actually much bigger...

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By NT4ADMINS Magazine

NT4ADMINS reviews how DataCore's SANsymphony-V10 Virtual SAN compares with other offerings currently on the marketplace. NT4ADMINS provides independent, technical oriented information about the use of Windows-based platforms.


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IDC Analyst Nick Sundby discusses the Business Value and Savings of DataCore's Storage Hypervisor using feedback he has received from Customers.

By Network Computing

DataCore's enterprise storage virtualisation offers many advantages over proprietary hardware solutions including cost effectiveness, no vendor lock-in and excellent scalability.


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DataCore has released SANsymphony 10 to further expand what its virtual SAN software can do.

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The Gold Standard for Software-Defined Storage

SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software by DataCore addresses the biggest problem in modern IT infrastructure: an outmoded and broken, hardware-centric approach to storage.

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The enterprise storage virtualization offers many benefits compared to proprietary hardware solutions. DataCore is a key player, who created and developed the concept in 1998. The DataCore SANsymphony-V application is a great example and its latest version 10 offers new features and features that make storage virtualization a persuasive discipline.

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Storage Virtualization for sophisticated and challenging IT Environments. With SANsymphony-V R9, DataCore offers a comprehensive software platform to provision, share, migrate, replicate, expand, reconfigure and upgrade storage without delay or downtime. IAIT took a closer look at the newest version.

Download: IAIT Review - SANsymphony-V R9

By Taneja Group

In this product profile, we'll examine these roadblocks and take a look at one product that circumvents them - DataCore's SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software. Moreover, while SANsymphony-V tackles storage-related challenges found across all of the popular virtual environments from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, we'll examine specifically how it unleashes unique capabilities for Windows Server Hyper-V scenarios.

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By Network Computing

The enormous growth of network storage in the enterprise is forcing businesses to consider new ways of managing their storage capacity so as to keep within budget. Storage virtualisation is a significant consideration and the latest SANsymphony-V software from DataCore offers a viable solution, offering a keen focus on data availability, disaster recovery and performance.

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Enterprise Strategy Group Storage Systems Brief

DataCore recently launched the newest version of its storage virtualization software, SANsymphony-V R9, expanding its capabilities to become a “Storage Hypervisor for the Cloud.” With increased flexibility, scalability, and management automation, R9 is ideally suited for midsize & enterprise IT organizations alike.

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Storage Virtualization for sophisticated and challenging IT Environments. With SANsymphony-V, DataCore offers a comprehensive software platform to provision, share, migrate, replicate, expand, reconfigure and upgrade storage without delay or downtime. IAIT took a closer look at the newest version.

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By NT4ADMINS Magazine

Greater scalability, improved administration functions and close integration with vSphere environments and system management suites are the main core characteristics of Release 9 of the SANsymphony™-V storage hypervisor. Above all, the 'group operations' make life easier for the administrator.

Download: SANsymphony-V R9.0 Product Review

VDS allows administrators to launch and maintain virtual desktops with relatively little effort. These virtual desktops are stateful, which means that they retain all the changes made by the users and are not reset back to default values after every restart. IAIT had a look at how the system works in practice.

Download: IAIT Review - DataCore VDS

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