Cost Savings

Software-defined Storage ROI

DataCore offers a software-based approach to storage infrastructure that enables customers to get more from whatever storage they use, repurpose existing storage and systems to extend their useful lives while drastically reducing the need for new capital expense (CapEx) buys and operating expenses (OpEx) in terms of utilization, downtime and effort associated with managing traditional SANs.

Virtualization Software & Storage Cost Efficieny

The possibilities to reduce and contain costs by virtualizing storage with DataCore software are many. They often turn prohibitively expensive, drawn out IT proposals into viable near term projects.

Start with cost deferral. You can take full advantage of disk resources already in place before you spend any money on additional capacity. Rather than force you to rip out perfectly good internal disks from your servers to replace them with a new SAN array, DataCore builds your initial shared storage pool using those internal drives and any other direct-attached storage already on hand. Two or more servers freed from the consolidation effort may be reassigned as the storage virtualization nodes executing the DataCore software without major hardware capital expenditures.When it comes time to expand, you can shop for the equipment that best suits your needs and preferences, never being locked into any one model or brand. DataCore reconciles any differences between unlike and mutually incompatible storage devices to maintain the well behaved virtual disk properties expected by the workloads. This gives you unprecedented leverage to negotiate the best value among competing hardware offers at every refresh and expansion cycle.

On a broader scale, DataCore reduces the investment needed to provide redundancy for data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery. You can set up synchronous mirroring, snapshots and remote replication between different classes of storage that would not otherwise interoperate. Consider how cost-effectively it is to keep critical production data on your high-end array and replicate to a mid-range or low-end device serving as your backup or test device. Contrast that with configurations requiring identical top-of-the line equipment to house both the source and destination of your replicas.

To maximize utilization and minimize capacity consumption, the software thinly provisions capacity from the virtual storage pool to hosts only as needed. No longer do you strand capacity by pre-allocating space to applications that may never use it. Utilities are also included to reclaim space that has been freed up by file systems. The cost savings extend to short duration point-in-time snapshots that only take up the incremental capacity necessary to capture differences, rather than consuming the space for complete copies. Again, any extra space used for snapshots can be reclaimed after the snapshot is discarded.

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