Storage Hypervisor Definition: A portable, centrally-managed software package used to enhance the combined value of multiple disk storage systems, including dissimilar and incompatible models, by supplementing their individual capabilities with extended provisioning, replication, and performance acceleration services. Its comprehensive set of storage control and monitoring functions operate as a transparent virtual layer across consolidated disk pools to improve their availability, speed and utilization.

There’s a lot of noise in the market about storage virtualization and storage hypervisors. And frankly, there’s also a whole lot of hype. When it comes down to it, there are some key points you need to know:  DataCore SANsymphony-V is storage hypervisor that provides compelling benefits.

  • Intelligent virtualization from a proven, independent software provider with no bias for specific hardware manufacturers.
  • No new hardware, and no point products that are reliant on third-party software. 
  • The flexibility of a hybrid solution that can run on physical or virtual servers – or a combination of both – to match your needs.
  • Huge cost savings, unparalleled performance/availability and increased productivity.

When it comes to storage virtualization, you can’t afford to be fooled by the hype-visors. Check out the information on this page to learn how to spot the impostors. And then contact us to take your storage to the next level.

ESG Storage Brief: "DataCore Launches “The Storage Hypervisor for the Cloud”
Read what Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at ESG, has to say about SANsymphony version 9, DataCore's latest storage hypervisor solution.

Infographic: The Storage Market
Check out this infographic - and see what kind of results DataCore users are seeing.

Checklist: Nine Things to Look for In a Storage Hypervisor
Can you spot the hype-visors? Use this checklist to tell the difference.

Product Information
Learn about SANsymphony-V Software-defined storage.

Customer Case Studies
Learn about our customer successes from customers who have used SANsymphony-V. 

Take a Test Drive
Download a Free 30 Day Trial or jump in and try SANsymphony-V in a fully-featured online test enviornment.

Jack Spencer

Jack Spencer, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Operations at the American Society of Health-Pharmacists. 

With SANsymphony-V, ASHP has experienced:

  • Zero Downtime. ASHP has encountered no downtime whatsoever after implementing DataCore storage hypervisors.
  • Zero Roadblocks. DataCore lets ASHP integrate new devices as well as old – and ensures that all storage works in harmony.
  • Zero Big Expenditures. DataCore has a cost-effective price tag compared to traditional storage arrays.
  • Zero Waste. DataCore's stretch cluster solution turns lower-cost, direct-attached storage into shared SAN storage.
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