Pricing and Licensing

DataCore SANsymphony and Virtual SAN software are licensed and priced according to:

  • How much capacity is managed in the storage pool
  • How many DataCore nodes will be used to virtualize the storage for the rest of the IT infrastructure
  • Any optional features selected (most features are included in the base product license)
  • SANsymphony licensing is tailored for centralized SANs accessible as external storage to hosts.
  • DataCore Virtual SAN licensing is tailored for hyper-converged systems composed of clustered hosts with internal and direct-attached storage. 

The software licenses are portable. In other words, you can replace or upgrade the server on which your DataCore software runs without incurring any additional license charges. The licenses only need to be reassigned to the new machine.

DataCore delivers its software and price quotes through a global network of authorized solution providers. Please see the Worldwide Listing of Solution Providers to identify a DataCore partner to assess your specific needs and determine what additional software, hardware and professional services will be necessary to complete the solution and provide a local price quote.  Separate licensing programs are available for Cloud Service Providers that offer Hosted IT Services based on the DataCore software.

Pricing & Licensing Parameters:

Managed Capacity

  • By managed capacity, we mean how much storage space falls under the control of the DataCore nodes. You may start out with only enough licenses to cover a small storage pool, and then granularly add capacity licenses as your storage space expands.


  • SANsymphony software runs on Windows servers assigned specifically to virtualize storage. These servers become known as "DataCore nodes." Each DataCore node requires one product license.

Optional Features

  • Some features not included with the base product license may be licensed as separately-priced options.



(Carry-Forward Value Protection Program)

DataCore recognizes that you cannot anticipate all of your needs on day one. For this reason, the price to upgrade a license from a lower tier is simply the price difference between the two. 

For more information on DataCore upgrade programs, please contact a DataCore representative or a DataCore-authorized solution provider.

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