Technical Information

Compatibility - Vendor Matrices

Learn about SANsymphony compatibility with the other software & hardware elements of your environment. 

SANsymphony Prerequisites

Minimum hardware requirements, software requirements, and license activation requirements for SANsymphony.

Pricing and Licensing

DataCore SANsymphony software’s licensing model, upgrades, value protection and how to buy.


Technical datasheets and other documents from DataCore, explore technology details and various solutions.

SANsymphony Technical Specs

View SANsymphony Technical Specifications for a more detailed look at it's capabilities.

SANsymphony Documentation

Complete online documentation of DataCore's SANsymphony software.


These white papers will help you to better understand technical aspects of DataCore solutions. 

Test Drives and Live Demos

A full featured SANsymphony storage infrastructure for you to test drive.

Technology Concepts

Software Defined Data Center

Definition of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) regarding compute, networking, and storage resources.

Storage Virtualization

Overviews the core features of DataCore’s SANsymphony storage virtualization software.

Server Virtualization

Information and alliance resources on VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hypervisors.

Cloud Integration

Auto-tiering to the Cloud via Cloud gateways and integration with the OpenStack Cloud Operating System.

Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

More information on how DataCore lowers the cost for stateful, persistent virtual desktops.

Storage Hypervisor

An informative page about how SANsymphony acts as a Storage Hypervisor.

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