The Best of File and Block Services Combined

Block level storage services from physical and virtual SANs are excellent for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive applications. Most everything else aside from specialized object storage is kept on CIFS (SMB) or NFS file shares. SANsymphony software offers a unified storage solution which can present block and file storage services simultaneously from the same platform, or split up the functions on separate centrally-managed nodes.

Simultaneously access files and block-level services from a single unified storage services platform.

Cheap and Deep Storage Options
Low-cost licensing options are available for “cheap and deep” storage best suited for aging or relatively inactive data were performance ceases to be a factor.  These are sometimes referred to as “bulk storage nodes (BN).” Space saving techniques including deduplication and compression are built in. 


SANsymphony Bulk nodes can be managed alongside other SANsymphony nodes from the same central DataCore console or as standalone nodes as shown below.

Low-cost SANsymphony Bulk Storage Nodes in a Highly-Available Configuration.

SANsymphony software enhances NAS services provided by Windows Server such as CIFS, NFS and Scale-out File Server (SoFS) by removing single points of failure in the underlying storage environment. In addition, SANsymphony presents raw block volumes to application servers over Fiber Channel or iSCSI SANs.

Feature Highlights Summary

  • Highly available storage for CIFS/NFS file shares

  • Simultaneously handle block and file level services

  • Cloud-like economics for cheap and deep storage

  • Ideal for:
    • Cold data, long retention file shares, archive / backups
    • Off-site secondary storage
    • Private cloud (low-cost, in-house capacity)
  • Leverages Windows native CIFS/NFS and Scale-out File services
  • Presents a unified storage platform for all common storage services