Native RAID Services


Offloading RAID processes from the backend storage device has several advantages. SANsymphony-V provides RAID-0 (striping) and RAID-1 (mirroring) across physical disks within virtual disk pools. RAID-0 striping occurs automatically when there is more than one physical disk within the disk pool. RAID-1 mirroring is an optional feature that can be enabled within the disk pool to protect against physical disk failures that could negatively affect the disk pool as a whole. 

Native Raid Services

SANsymphony-V adds additional layers of data protection through disk pool mirroring and increases pool performance through disk striping.

RAID-0 offers additional performance benefits by striping the data blocks across as many physical disks as possible, thereby maximizing the number of spindles or devices involved with the request. RAID-1 improves read performance, but its main objective to safeguard the disk pool, and ultimately the data, against device failure.

Feature Highlights Summary

  • Circumvents drive failures

  • Spreads I/O across multiple spindles

  • Offloads RAID 0 & 1